Room 2
Infant Room 2: 14 months to 24 months

The Older Infant Room is for children who are mobile and walking. The average age is 14 months to 24 months. Each of the twelve infants are assigned to a "primary caregiver". the primary caregiver is to ensure the child's day is recorded and given to the parents on a daily basis. the staff/child ratio is always kept at 1:6 with a maximum group size of 12. Each infant is assigned to their own crib. Children 16 months or older may be assigned a cot. Cribs and cots are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized and all sheets replaced on a weekly basis and are only used by the child assigned to that crib or cot.

The RIE Philosophy provides positive guidance and direction in an environment that is physically safe, cognitively challenging, and emotionally nurturing. The children are encouraged to be active participants rather than passive recipients in all activities. Caregivers, through consistent and clearly defined limits and expectations, guide the children to explore and interact with older infants, adults and the world around them. The older infants are immersed in language throughout the day with adult talking, being read to, or singing. This stimulates their immerging verbal skills. Sign language is introduced to infants in the Older Infant Room. Studies show when children are able to communicate their needs it lowers their stress level. Therefore the staff teaches about 30 signs. Parents may ask for a list of words. The level of participation is based on each child's interest and developmental stage.

Room 2 has its own diaper changing area. The staff follows the same procedure for changing children to ensure consistency. The Infant Rooms share a kitchenette that provides storage for infant food and an area for preparation and cleanup, and a dish washer that is used to sanitize small toys.

Room 2 is divided by low shelving for easy access to toys and Plexiglas for clear vision of children at all times. The Older Infants go outside for walks or rides in "the buggy" (weather permitting) so please send appropriate outside clothing. Mobility provides additional experiences which enhances the room experience.

Parents are asked to provide disposable diapers, which can be store in the provided "tote" under each child's crib. Hypoallergenic baby wipes are provided by the center. Parents may provide other wipes if necessary.

Room 2 provides more of a group routine while keeping in mind the developmental needs of all children.