Room: 5
Pre-K and Young 5's Room

Room 5 is designed for 20 children 5 years of age. The staff/child ratio is kept at a maximum of 1:10 which make up two small groups. The teachers in room 5 work as a team in planning of activities, assessing children and in making the transition from room to room a positive step for the children.

The Pre-K classroom provides a structured routine of scheduled activities. All planned activities are based on our educational philosophy of encouraging and guiding children to become "active learners". Activities are based upon the needs of the children and follow teh Content Standards of the State of Ohio in preparing children for Kindergarten. Each individual child's ability and readiness for learning are a primary consideration in planning activities. A daily schedule of activities is posted as well as weekly lesson plans.

Teachers are supportive and sensitive to each child's learning style and employ different methods to help the children grow. Materials, choice, and the use of Language are all keys to encourage the children's efforts.

The children have small group time where teachers provide learning activities, which focus on language and literacy, number classification, development of thinking skills through problem solving, science, social interaction, movement and music. Hands on activities are included so children have the optimal learning experience.

The children also have a large group time during the day where they play games, listen to stories, act out stories, listen to music, or hold discussions. .The goal is to help the children learn to focus, develop thinking skills and acquire turn taking skills. The children do take naps and are assigned a cot for their use only.

Children go outside daily throughout the year for both free play and planned activities. In addition, the preschoolers use the Motor Skills Room in small groups to help with small and gross motor development. The MS Room is especially helpful on bad weather days.

Parents may stop by at any time to visit their child. Not everyone can stop by to visit so parents are welcome to call during the day to talk with staff. Teachers are always looking for new experiences for the children, so if you have a special talent or skill to share, talk with the teacher so we might  incorporate them into the appropriate lesson plans.

Parent-Teacher conferences are scheduled in the spring. Additional conferences in relation to a child's development may be arranged upon request.