24 months to 36 months

The toddler room is designed for children 24 months to 36 months of age. The staff/child ratio is kept at a maximum of 1:7 or lower. These children are now able to experience a curriculum with  more structure and focus time. The children learn through a variety of modalities based upon their stage of development. Room 3 continues the RIE Philosophy with cognitive challenging, and emotional nurturing. The children are encouraged to be active participants rather than passive recipients in all activities. Caregivers, through consistent and clearly defined limits and expectations, guide the children to explore and interact with other toddlers, adults and the world around them. Toddlers are immersed in language throughout the day with adult talking, child to child taking, reading, or singing. This stimulates their immerging verbal skills. Sign language is taught and reinforced in this room. Being able to communicate through signing lowers the frustration level of toddlers therefore the staff sign 50 words. Parents may ask for a list of words.

A routine day is provided for our Toddlers, which gives them a sense of security. Toddlers are assigned to one of three "primary caregivers". The primary caregiver will ensure that information about the child's daily routine is recorded and given to parents on a daily basis. Each toddler is assigned a cot that can only be used by that child. The children have a two (2) hour rest period during the day.

Room 3 has a diaper changing area and restroom facility where children begin toilet training. When parents are ready to start toilet training, please talk with the staff so both parent and staff efforts are consistent. A daily schedule of activities is posted along with weekly lesson plans. All lesson plans are developed on a teach teaching approach.

The toddlers share their own outside play area with the older more mobile infants on scheduled basis. The play area is fenced and monitored and provides activities and equipment appropriate for this age group.

Parents may visit anytime during the day to spend time with their child. Also, parents are welcome to call during the day to talk with staff. If at any time you have questions, please talk with the staff. We feel communication is extremely important for the best care of your child.