Room 1
Infant Care: 6 weeks to 14 months

The infant room is designed for 10 children* with 2  primary caregivers. Daily interaction with a supportive, caring, and encouraging caregiver, provides a developmentally appropriate and enriched multi-sensory experience that encourages infants to observe and explore the world around them. The activities and level of participation is based upon the child's interest and stage of development.

Each child is assigned to a primary caregiver who follows the schedule provided by the parent. A "Daily Information Sheet" records the child's day and goes home daily.

Room 1 is divided into three areas by low shelving or Plexiglas units for constant observation of all children. The crib area is used only for sleeping/naps. Young, non-mobile infants may be with their caregiver in a cushioned area separated from  more mobile children with a Plexiglas divider. More mobile infants are on the carpet area and are free to explore the area pulling themselves up on the Plexiglas dividers or playing with toys. Throughout the day the staff immerses the children in language and is supportive and nurturing in providing developmentally appropriate activities such as singing, music, stories and body awareness.

Each child is assigned a specific crib to be used only by that child. Cribs are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized daily and all sheets are replaced once a week or when soiled. Each child is fed according to the instructions provided on the "Child Information Sheet." All food and formula must be clearly labeled. All infants are held during feeding in a manner appropriate to the development stage of that child. High chairs are not used in order to foster personal nurturing of the child.

Caregivers are required to wear gloves, wash their hands, and clean and sanitize the changing are after each diaper change. A new pair of gloves is worn for each changing. Since the children use the floor areas, parents must use shoe covers, provided by the center when entering the room.

Parents may visit anytime during the day to spend time with their child. Parents are also welcome to call during the day to see how their child is doing.

*Standards set by Set up To Quality Program.